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Knowledge is strength

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Friends’ Academy is a prominent school, established in 2009 with ICSE curriculum in Mulund. We introduce ourselves as Friends’ Academy because we treat our students and parents as friends. We are one of the widely expanding educational centre and we have the best staff in town. We provide an environment in which each student discover and realize his full potential. We plan to upgrade our Junior college upto college level & above.

Being a progressive school, we have brought digital technology to all of our classrooms by starting smart class system through Educomp.

School AV

CRPF's Mighty Heart Opens to the Gratitude expressed by Friends' Academy !!

Just a  few months ago,  the entire nation was engulfed with the fear and terror of the deadliest attack on the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir. The way the Indian Armed Forces retaliated by carrying out a surgical strike on terror camps inside Pakistan was truly commendable.
 The students of Friends' Academy joined the nation in applauding the courageous effort of the IAF. The students expressed their gratitude by making cards for the heroes. Also, they brainstormed and came up with the idea of organizing a fun fair and giving a part of the proceeds to the families of CRPF Martyrs.The ever thoughtful Principal of the school, Mrs. Shivani Balodi in her letter to the  CRPF mentioned "A soldier who leaves his family behind to safeguard our nation is the true example of selfless service and excellence." She further added that the troops' families, too, have been their inspiration, who stand tall and unperturbed during all times. She made sure that the love and respect of the students reach the deserving heroes for exhibiting exemplary courage, leadership and selfless devotion to their duty. 
The CRPF was extremely touched and acknowledged this noble thought of the students by publishing it in newspapers namely Mid-day, DNA and The Times of India. Also, it was highlighted in Outlook , Business Standard , The Week ,Early Times, Journey Line and many more. And the most stunning part being, the arrival of Sub Inspector Sourabh Tyagi right from Jammu along with Assistant Commandant Kishore Kumar Rao just to acknowledge the respect showed by the students. It was a great honour for Shivani mam to receive appreciation certificate from  Assistant Commandant  Kishore Kumar Rao. Unfortunately, the students missed this golden moment because of vacation. However, they would receive the certificates after the vacation. This beautiful gesture showed by the CRPF has left everyone spellbound and once again proved that it not only lives truly to its motto of ' Service and Loyalty ' but also extends its friendliest hand to the common man.

School Anthem

Friends we are, and friends we’ll be.

We------the ‘Friends’ community,

We stand for love, we stand for hope,

We stand for faith & unity.


Let knowledge be our driving force,

Like nectar let it flow;

Quench our thirst and cleanse our hearts

And keep our minds aglow.


As days roll on and years go by,

The ‘buds’ of Friends’ will bloom,

Bloom and glow and light the torch

To dispel fear and gloom.


The odds are heavy, the climb is steep,

The goal so high and still,

The task ahead is set with thorns,

But battle on……. We will.


May the grace of God bestow on us,

His choicest blessings ever,

In thoughts and action, words and deeds,

Life’s goal let us discover.


We pledge ourselves to rally on,

Let courage never shutter,

Let peace prevail, let goodwill reign,

And keep our flag a flutter.


Friends we are, and friends we’ll be.

We------the ‘Friends’ community,

We stand for love, we stand for hope,

We stand for faith & unity.


News and Updates





Provisional Affiliation'

We proudly announce that Friends' Academy has received the provisional affiliation from the CISCE council (school code : MA 227)
Friends' Academy, a part of Friends' Co-operative Education Society Limited, established in 1967, has received affiliation from ICSE. Backed by over 51 years of experience in education, Friends' Academy, has brought new age learning to the city. It is indeed the most awaiting news that the  Friends' team was longing to hear.At this momentous occasion, the President of the school, Mr.K.D.Goal, with a proud feeling expressed , We started with ICSE curriculum in 2009 and are glad that we received affiliation in our first attempt. Our heartfelt gratitude to our present and past associates who were instrumental in this success .
The school offers a plethora of opportunities which lays emphasis on the child's intrinsic curiosity and nurtures talent and interest, thereby enabling them to win laurels in multiple competitions. Mrs. Shivani Balodi, the principal of the school added, " It gives us immense pleasure that our sincere approach earned us this affiliation.Certification  under the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board is recognized around the world ,particularly by foreign schools and universities and the students from this board may hold a slight edge over other students in exams like TOEFL as it emphasises more on english.Also, the reinvented ICSE Curriculum focuses on practical knowledge and helps to build analytical skills in students.And we are proud that here at Friends' Academy ,students get not just deep roots, but also strong branches to bloom and bear good fruits as they embark on their career . "The Director , Mr. Amol Dhamdhere appreciated  the ardent efforts of the principal of the school , Mrs. Shivani Balodi, the coordinators Mrs. Nancy Dias and Mrs. Monica Shrotri and the teaching as well as the nonteaching staff without whom the dawn of this success wouldn't  b possible. Parents and the students were highly delighted. The school looks forward to take itself to epitomes of success .