Friends' Academy

Knowledge is strength

Founder Members

1) Dr. Parmar Mohansingh Nathulal

2)  Shri Kale Mahadev Ganesh

3)  Shri Patel Harihar Purshottam

4)  Shri Chandra Jagdish Kumar

5)  Shri Joshi Vishnu Krishna

6)  Shri Sutaria Gunavant C.

7)  Dr. Agarwal Krishnakumar Kidarnath

8)  Shri Kelar Govind Damodar

9)  Shri Shah Pratap Govindji

10) Shri Madhwani Naraindas Paramanand 

Board of Trustees

Mr K. D. Goal                 -    President

Dr. Paresh V. Thakkar  -    Vice-President

Mr. Lalit S. Shah            -    Hon. Secretary

CA. Avinash Jain            -    Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Shirish M. Patel      -    Member

Mr. P. Raj Porwal          -    Member

Mr. Kishore L. Shah     -     Member

Mrs. Pushpa Agarwal  -     Member

Mr. Anil V. Tanna         -     Member

Mr. J. T. Patel                -     Member

Mr. Vijay M. Shah        -     Member





President 's Message

My Dear Friends of Friends',

While extending warm & hearty welcome to this new site of Friends' Institution, I take great pleasure, pride & privilege in thankfully acknowledging the whole hearted Co-operation & support extended by its students, their parents, Principal, Co-ordinators, teaching & non-teaching staff, Donors & well wishers, & their respective team members on the Board of Management, and the Director for their invaluable contribution towards its progress and achievements in imparting value based quality education to the children of all caste, creed, religion & region.

The parent Institution, Friends' Academy is a prestigious institution providing improved educational programmes and latest infrastructural facilities equipped with most modern Laboratories, Library, Computer Labs and Spacious Auditorium for the students & staff in order to keep pace with ever increasing technological developments.

The "Next Generation" new School building houses air-conditioned "Smart Classrooms" provided by Educomp's digital interactive system with integrated sound system & overhead projector to facilitate advanced teaching & learning process.

Friends' provide an environment conducive for each child individually to discover & realize his/her full potential both in academic as well as cultural fields. The school building attached with big open play ground offers opportunities to students to develop sports activities.

The proud baby "Friends' Academy", an ISO - 9001-2008 certified school with ICSE based academic curriculum symbolizes commitment to provide all round educational & cultural excellence. 

At Friends’, it is our endeavour to delve deeper into the true purpose of education by giving our students opportunities and an environment that is positive, inspiring, challenging and stimulating. We want each one of our students to follow their bliss, blaze new trails and open new doors. I am proud of the parents and teachers who care, nurture and reassure the children so that they grow into mature, sensitive and responsible citizens of the country.

Looking back with satisfaction, the grand occasion of glorious Golden Jubilee gives us an opportunity to reaffirm the purpose for which the Friends' stand and to pledge to continue the trend of progress & development of the Institution for years & generations to come.

May the Almighty God bless us in our every endeavour.

With warm regards from all the Management Committee Members.

Yours as ever

K. D. Goal


Principal's Message


 My Vision For The School                               The competitive world of today has a severe impact on the day to day lives of children and on the way they perceive and react to situations around them. To add to the stress, the easy, unrestricted access to the Internet and social media create many opportunities for distraction. These have also removed the filter of guarded innocence in today’s children and greatly restricted social skills development. In such an environment, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong often gets blurred.

As an educational institution, it is our duty to help students acquire the skills that will help them deal with and navigate through today’s fast-paced, competitive life.

Unfortunately, there is an alarmingly high emphasis on only academic excellence which is manifested in the form of learning by rote and success in examinations. This emphasis on academics often comes at the expense of developing softer skills such as discipline, respect for others, empathy, general social behavior and the ability to think right – all of which are keys to lasting success.

The right education therefore means going beyond just the pursuit of academic excellence to developing a holistic personality. The foundations for this must be laid early in life and the home and the school thus becomes vital enablers of such values. Yes, education really begins at home and the school helps hone and shape personality.

As Albert Einstein has said, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." At Friend's Academy, we aim to empower our students to become thinkers. So along with academic excellence, they can be responsible, purposeful and aware citizens.

I believe that students are like clay and it is up to us as their guides to mold them into successful human beings of the future.

I am glad to have the support system of the management and my team of hardworking, diligent teachers who will help me make my vision for my students and the school, a reality.


Mrs Shivani Balodi



To provide an environment in which each individual discovers and realizes his full potential. 

To make students realize and appreciate our rich culture and develop respect for other cultures.

To inculcate a sense of honesty, integrity and ethics.

To develop a sense of leadership and spirit.

To create environmental awareness.

To kindle a quest for thinking, questioning and reasoning.

To create concern for less fortunates.

Our Quality Policy 
We at Friends’ Academy are committed towards physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual and moral development of students undergoing education in our school. 
This we shall achieve by: 

  1. Establishing, documenting and implementing ISO 9001:2008 QMS
  2. Continual improvement in processes, systems and service quality.
  3. The involvement of all staff, students and parents in continual improvements.
  4. Complying with ICSE syllabus, applicable guidelines and commitments to parents.